Rules & Regulations


Exhibitors are required to use the Application form and abide by the Rules and Regulations of the EXHIBITION as specified below:

1. The Exhibitor should apply on Application Form for Participation with requisite payment. Allotment will be on ‘first-come-first served’ basis.

2. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to reallocate space, change the layout, add or delete corridors in space plans – which may affect the orientation of some EXHIBITORS. The decision of the organizer shall be final and binding. All the payments are to be cleared by one month before the event. The booking of the stall/s is liable to be cancelled if full payment is not received by the stipulated date.

3. The EXHIBITOR enters into a contract with the Organiser on submission of the Application Form. The Company (Proposed Exhibitor) agrees to participate at the Exhibition ROBOTAI EXPO and abide by the regulations and by-laws of the Exhibition. Upon any breach of contract by the Proposed Exhibitor, the Exhibitor is liable to pay the Participation Expenses in full to the Organizer.

4. ELECTRICITY : Available at 230V Single Phase and 400 V. Three phase A.C. 50 Cycles. Charges as additional requirement per HP on chargeable basis. The Organiser will provide Electricity at a suitable point in the Stall. Internal distributions to the Machinery/Equipment will have to be arranged by the Exhibitor’s Electrical Contractor at their own cost.

In case of Bare Space, temporary power required for the fabrication of stall (Drilling, Sawing, etc.,) shall be charged separately.

5. SALE OF EXHIBITS : Sales are not allowed during the Exhibition. However negotiations for sale may be conducted. Removal of any Exhibits during the Exhibition period is strictly prohibited.

For any sales at the Exhibition, exhibitors have to ensure that the Accounts Department is informed in advance and all payable taxes are deposited by the exhibitors. The organizers will not be responsible for the same.

6. HANDLING OF EXHIBITS, CUSTOMS AND IMPORT : Services for Handling, Clearing and forwarding will not be available at the Exhibition Grounds. However the organizer can recommend a Clearing and Forwarding agent at Extra Cost.


From day zero – evening onwards

8. The Exhibitor is not allowed to encroach on aisles or open space outside his stall.

9. REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS : Exhibitors will remove all their materials on the final day from 5 pm onwards.

10. STAND MAINTENANCE : Painting or use of nails/screws on the laminated panels is not allowed. Drawing pins or adhesive tapes could be used

11. DAMAGES TO THE EXHIBITION VENUE : Exhibitor must not make any damage to the floor or structure. In case of damage the cost specified by the Organiser will have to be paid by the Exhibitor. The Organiser reserves the right to seize and/or retain the exhibitor’s property in case of non-fulfillment of their contractual obligations. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any damage caused to exhibits, which are seized.

12. CANCELLATION : For cancellations or withdrawals from participation, the following schedule will be applicable:

If cancellations or withdrawals from participation is done one month before the event – 50% participation fee will be forfeited.

If cancellations or withdrawals from participation is done within 30 days from the event – 100% participation fee will be forfeited.

13. INSURANCE: Against all ascertainable risks from transportation to display and removal should be done by the Exhibitors at their own cost. Organiser will in no way be responsible in any way for this. Exhibitors will Insure their Exhibits against loss, damage, theft, fire, etc., They will also ensure third party insurance for the total duration of the Exhibition.

14. SECURITY: The Organiser will be providing GENERAL SECURITY in the Exhibition Hall from Day1 and Final day only. However, it may be noted that security at individual stalls can’t be arranged. The Exhibition Hall will be closed every day from day 1 to final day and opened every morning at 9.30.00 am in the presence of 10 Exhibitors daily.

15. PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOGRAPHY : The Organiser reserves the right to photograph any exhibit for their use.

16. FORCE MAJEURE : If the Exhibition is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part by reason of war, fire, natural calamity, national emergency, labor dispute, the non-availability of exhibition premises or any other cause not within the control of the Organiser, the Organiser may, at their entire discretion, repay the Participation Expenses paid by the Exhibitor or part thereof but shall be under no liability in respect of any actions, claims or losses.

17. ALTERATIONS OF SPACE ALLOTTED : In special cases the Organisers reserves the right to modify stall dimensions, and/or allot a stall of plus or minus 1 sqm area. Allotment of stall locations will be made by the Space Allocation Committee of the Organiser’s. No change of location will be allowed. No special preference will be considered. The Space Allocation Committee’s decision will be final and binding.

18. GENERAL RULE: In addition to the above, the Exhibitor will have to abide by general Rules of Buysell Interactions and site rules for safety and maintenance as well as for aesthetic appeal.

19. AGREEMENTS, PERMISSIONS: All verbal Agreements, Permissions, Individual approvals shall be deemed to be valid only if confirmed in writing by the Organisers.

20. All decisions will be subject to Chennai Jurisdiction only.