We run a e-trade magazine with the title  Robozine and a bimonthly printed newsletter with the title Buysell Interactions. It is absolutely FREE.

Our trade magazines cover topics only relevant to those working in that particular industry. Trade magazines offer news and information including new product listings, feature articles, and Q&A interviews.

It is  so targeted in content, trades are  only available by subscription.

Robozine Magazine
The online trade e-magazine of RAAIF, is a vibrant, current resource that touches base with categories such as: Robotics, Automation , Artificial Intelligence, Science, Technology, Biomedical, Cinematography and more.

Buysell Interactions
A bimonthly magazine will be posted and sent through email to registered members. It will contain the latest information in the area of Photo, signage industries, Technical information on cinema and printing industry.

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