RobotAI Expo

RobotAI EXPO & Conference is the first of its kind in India, for Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. This event will showcase the latest technological advances in custom automation and assembly, robotics and artificial intelligence.

It will bring together global academia, think tanks, pressure groups, and NGOs. It will bring micro, small and medium-sized business alongside corporations. It will bring governments, government and state-run agencies and other public-sector bodies. Together they will connect minds, connect values and connect innovation to help solve the world’s biggest problems in opportunity, mobility and sustainability.

Facts – Global Market

Automation Industry – CAGR of 7.4% growth expected between 2017 – 2023 (USD 114.11 Billion in 2016 – USD 239.11 in 2023)

Robotics Industry – CAGR of 9.4% growth expected between 2017-2023 (USD 37875 million in 2016 – USD 70715 Billion in 2023)

Artificial Intelligence – CAGR of 62% growth expected between 2016-2023 and is projected to hit USD 36 Billion by 2025.

Expo USP

The Bunker, Networking Hub at the expo hall – walk in and meet your business partner. This will be situated in the expo hall which can be accessed by exhibitors and HIGH profile Visitors. The HP Visitors will have a Golden sting Badge, easy to identify. They would be top officials or Investors, rather potential customer for you. They will be identified by us at the registration desk

Startup Pavilion – Under the guidance of Make in India & Skill in India program. A Pavilion is created for the young entrepreneurs, who are in a stage of STARTUP programs. A 6 sq mtr or 9 sq mtr booth will be available for them. They will have access to the bunker and the seminars / conferences during this event. To encourage them, we would like to offer a good Discount and Scheme. Part of this booth rate will be paid by RAAIF, the co-organiser and NGO.

The KnowHow Hall : This hall will be busy throughout the event with Seminars, conferences, workshops and more. You will be meeting the most successful CEOs, academicians and more. You are going to hear them and interact with them. Absolutely free for the REGISTERED Exhibitors and selected Visitors. The topics are chosen for entrepreneurs, students and industry experts. Check the schedule plan.

Golden Badge Visitors: High profile visitors will be handled by Registration team with a special badge. They will have access to bunker, KnowHow hall and other facilities. Ofcourse, exhibitors will be able to identify them.